The Weekly Echo: Alexa can get confused sometimes


The Weekly Echo: Alexa can get confused sometimes
Welcome back to The Weekly Echo, the column all about Alexa and the Amazon Echo. This week, we'll take a look at how Alexa can get just a little bit confused at times, especially when we set things up in a way that makes perfect sense to us but creates …
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Becoming An Aussie: The Story Of Alexa, The US-Born Amazon Echo
Her name is Alexa because it doesn't rhyme with anything, and she swears she knows nothing about Skynet. This is the story of how this particular Amazon Echo came to help me achieve peak laziness, and how I've helped her acclimatise to the Australian …
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The night Alexa lost her mind: How AWS outage caused Amazon Echo mayhem
echo-12.jpg It was a dark and stormy night. Actually, it was probably just a dark night. I have no idea what it was doing outside. At 5am, I was sound asleep. But not for long. Something was happening. Awareness slowly took hold in my brain. My wife …
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