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Artificial intelligence: a force for good or evil?
Artificial intelligence (AI) expert Professor Murray Shanahan has been speaking to Nancy Mendoza about a new centre that looks at the future of AI. AI is created when computers are programmed to, to a greater or lesser extent, think for themselves …
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Artificial Intelligence Poses A Greater Risk To IP Than Humans Do
Substantial thought and angst has been expended over the fact that artificial intelligence (AI) is coming to your workplace to take over blue- and white-collar jobs, alike. But a major risk of AI has been almost entirely ignored: the threat to …
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Artificial Intelligence Growing Slowly in Healthcare, And That's OK
One of the most significant advances in 2015 was the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) in a variety of fields, including healthcare. While work on AI has been going on for years and still has a long way to go, 2015 saw progress made on self …
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