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Apple HomeKit explained: Is it available yet and how does it work?
HomeKit is Apple's framework for home automation. Manufacturers can implement HomeKit into their smart accessories. It was first announced at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in 2014. The name is a combination of “home” for home …

Biggest Challenge in Making Your Home Smarter? Getting Gadgets to Talk to Each
The problem with smart home technology in 2016 isn't a lack of intelligence; it's a failure to communicate. As more new 'smart' devices appear — and we saw a passel of them last week at CES 2016, from smart showers to beds, belts, blenders …
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Sony Builds Smart Home Hub Into Ceiling Light
Getting all those smart hubs to play nice, or even talk to one another, is likely a major factor hindering the adoption of connected home ecosystems. Home automation still has a way to go, as it's in the "third inning of a nine-inning game," Moorhead …
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At CES, CNET's panel of experts makes sense of the smart home
"We've had AT&T come by and install their home security and automation system, and it's been great, particularly for someone who wanted to go deep into the smart home," he explained. "That said, they don't have voice [control]yet. If you go the DIY …
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