5 Robot Trends to Watch for in 2016


5 Robot Trends to Watch for in 2016
Will this year mark the first drone delivery, or the first time you encounter a robot at work or in your home? We saw significant advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence in 2015 (see “What Robots and AI Learned in 2015”). Here's what we're …
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Segway plans to enter personal robotics market, swallows Ninebot, becomes
In other words: Huh? No details on what these home robotic service things might do. We might be tempted to shrug this off if not for the fact that one of the partners on the new robotics thingy is Intel and the other is Xiaomi. In April 2015, Segway …
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Robots that can recognize if you're sad
Consumers will increasingly welcome so-called companion robots or social robots — like SoftBank's Pepper and NAO — into their homes, according to Juniper Research. And those robots will use facial recognition and other technologies to gauge users' …
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