The BBC is Bringing Back Robot Wars, the Original Robot Fighting Show


The BBC is Bringing Back Robot Wars, the Original Robot Fighting Show
Sure, BattleBots was cool, but let's not forget the real father of Robot TV deathmatches broadcast for our pleasure: the classic BBC series Robot Wars. Fans of violent robotic combat rejoice then, because the BBC are bringing back the series with more …
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Will Robots Save The Future Of Work?
It's not a novel question, but if Gartner's predictions are correct, the answer could be leaning more definitively toward yes. The analyst firm's research suggests one in three jobs will be converted to software, robots and smart machines by 2025. What …
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A Robot Life Preserver Goes to Work in the Greek Refugee Crisis
An operator remotely controls the robot, tethered to a rope up to 2,000 feet long, to migrants struggling at sea. The victims take hold of the buoyant bot and a rescuer reels the line in. Quadcopter drones called Fotokites, themselves tethered on 30 …
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Best Practices: Robot speeds process at Berry Plastics
In the plastics industry, processors know Yaskawa Motoman for its articulating-arm robots. But the company also makes robots for packing parts — and a system installed for Berry Plastics Corp. is the first one of Plastics News' Best Practices articles …
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