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Amazon's Alexa can now narrate Kindle books through the Echo
Amazon has put out yet another useful update for its Alexa digital assistant and Echo smart speaker. Following last week's addition of Jeopardy-playing capabilities, the company will now let its voice-powered software narrate Kindle books aloud through …
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How to Make the Amazon Echo the Center of Your Smart Home
Think a couple years into the future, as more devices get added to the Internet of Things and are able to connect to Alexa's voice-powered brain. Suddenly, the possibilities of using an Echo for a smart home controller get much bigger. It's easy to …
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Alexa to gain a small family: A portable, less expensive Amazon Echo
Instead, third-party device makers and service providers are taking advantage of Amazon's Alexa Voice Services and the cloud platform that Alexa taps into. Adding smaller Amazon Echo devices that are less expensive than the big version can only help …
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