The Role Of Robotics And Machinery In Demolition


The Role Of Robotics And Machinery In Demolition
Demolition is a natural part of a city’s progress; old buildings must leave room for new ones as the city landscape is ever evolving.It is only demolition that can help transform the way building are present.As against the earlier demolition techniques that made use of either a wrecking ball, jackhammer and sledgehammer now a days they have been replaced with what is known as the demolition robotics.

Like everything else in society the demolition industry is keeping pace with the advancement of technology when it comes to robotics and machinery to fit the modern markets demand.Speed, reliability, and precision are all required in the modern construction business and there are a few companies who stand up to par with those demands.

Demolition robotics

One of the most popular demolition expert in the UK and other world countries is Brokk which is a Swedish robotics company.This company came into existence in 1982 and is now the topmost company to provide remote controlled demolition activities.Their products are used in the mining, tunneling and demolition industries and when it comes to sawing, drilling and crushing they are probably one of the best available.

Why use robotics in demolition?

One can find a lot of plus points to make use of the robotics in place of the man operated activities.There are so many hazards that the usage of the jackhammer causes where some of the countries have put a restriction on its use apart from the cost aspect that is very high. With robotics performing demolition you will save time and money without endangering the health of the workers.

In extreme conditions a robot can be equipped with a camera and perform mining duties such as drilling, digging and grizzling without risk to human life.With the progress in the demolition robotics it is even possible that the size of the robot is reduced to such an extent that an impossible place to enter for heavy machines can be easily sniveled through by it.

Demolition machinery

It is in fact become very safe with the introduction of the high power hydraulics in the demolition field.The protection to the machinery as well as the driver has increased so much with the hydraulic demolition that one need not have to even fear about the metal or concrete tumbling on them.Protected in the cabin which is equipped with front and head guard reinforcement, a trained operator in the right kind of demolition machinery can clear areas and obstacles at a pace and speed deemed impossible just a few years ago.

Why use demolition machinery today?

The typical wrecking ball is something that is tagged to a crane to undertake demolition and is again one of the most preferred though it has very little operational efficiency.The flexibility which comes with modern robotics or excavators demolition machinery has made the wrecking ball and its peers obsolete.

There is no doubt that the way technology is galloping to new heights it is bound to take on even the demolition industry to such levels making it more proficient, capable and low priced.

Robotic Demolition is clearly the future of demolition.

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