Which Robot Vacuum Is Best For My Home?


Which Robot Vacuum Is Best For My Home?
So far as the cleaning of the house or office is concerned, the advanced robot vacuum cleaners are the best thing to opt. They are able to perform any task robotically. These robotoic vacuum cleaners possess artificial intelligence to carry out tasks for example, handling stairs and carry out some cleaning works everyday and whenever you need. They can also adjust in floors from carpet to hardwood floors. The first brand of these vacuum cleaners that came to the market is the iRobot brand. There are many other options available with a variety of designs with these robot cleaner collections.

One of such robot vacuum technologies is the iRobot Roomba 560 vacuum cleaner. It is the most fundamental models having such technology. It is offered in black and silver finishes and costs around two hundred dollars. With a single touch, this robot can be run and it ensures perfect cleaning of your home removing all dust and dirt from surfaces. The dustbin doesnt have a bag hence very easy to clean. The cleaner also removes all types of allergens because of its fine filtration systems.

The advance models of these robot vacuums are able to reach unreachable surfaces and they can clean up rooms handling stairs with ease. There are cliff sensors and touch bumper system that enable these cleaners to perform these tasks. There is also another system like anti tangle technology which helps the robot to work in a particular space without being trapped somewhere.

There is also another model of this robot vacuum known as the iRobot Roomba pet series 532. This robot vacuum cleaner costs more than three hundred dollars and performs same work like the previous model having cliff sensors, anti tangle, and the gentle touch bumper system.

On the other hand, this model is able to perform an extra work. It can clean pets hair from the sofa, bed and other places in your home. It comes with the pet hair maintenance kit enabling the robot to handle too much amounts of hair usually released by a cat or dog regularly.

Usually other cleaners are not able to clean fur or hair but the Robot 532 is able to handle this job. Despite that, it needs maintenance and hence extra kit is offered for this task. The kit comprises an additional bristle brush, one rubber beater brush, two extra filters, and some brush cleaning tools.

Other models of robot vacuum offered by the iRobot brand are the iRobot Dirt Dog workshop, 500 series Roomba with on-board scheduling, and the iRobot Scooba Floor washing robot.

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