Intelligent Home Robot Stunning Debut 09 Hi


Intelligent Home Robot Stunning Debut 09 Hi

Automatic microwave cooking breakfast “Early in the morning, alarm clock sounded. An order passed coffee pot and let it cook two cups of coffee, and let the microwave oven to prepare breakfast, while moisturizing cleaner, floor sweeper,

TV Machine, also as you wake up, start the day. “Control the machine is not hard at home-old mother, but a scientific research are referred to as” housekeeper “of the robot.

If you think this “great butler” appeared only in science fiction, then, might come to the fair on the 4th robot exhibition area for the quick glimpse: Shenzhen, research and

Enterprise Are jointly promoting the concept of an intelligent home, intelligent home appliances and intelligent robot integration. Here, exhibitors carefully decorated a living room, there are intelligent microwave oven, moisture cleaner, floor sweeper, TV and other high-end appliances, and a look like “Daitou E” robot, which in the living room automatically move back and forth in patrol, through the

Electronic Eye Monitoring is happening at home.

“Daitou E” is actually intelligent security robot, the two huge eyes, his face is a

Camera Can effectively observing the environment, depending on the circumstances surrounding the situation analysis. If a stranger suddenly entered the room, or have family

Fire Happens, it through the human body sensors, thermal sensors, sensing, information transfer to the owner immediately and even the security or police station.

Full control of the robot butler

It is understood that the intelligent home

Product , Is the U.S. group to rely on the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology technical superiority, has developed products. Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology Assistant to the President told reporters complete Jare, and even Internet-connected refrigerator, inside the reserve when the change is low, it can automatically

Food Retailers sent orders. In fact, Samsung, LG has been selling such products.

“We have to do, you can put refrigerators, washing machines and moisturizing machines, sweeping robots, ‘appliances’ network, through a centralized controller, that is ‘fixed robots’ control, and report to the owner, and master communication. “Bi Jare said,” do not move the robot “can be a control panel, it can be a specific robot, such as now presented” Daitou E “robot, you can add a variety of control functions, making it a truly “great butler.”

Daitou E “Daitou E” inexpensive 4 Robot Hall exhibition area in the smart home, intelligent home highly sought after members of the public, especially when the researchers demonstrate the “Daitou E” patrol and surveillance capability, its Yaotouhuangnao induced expression of interest, well ladies. Miss Zhang, the people engaged in IT industry, usually fond of high-tech products, the site of her Smart Home demonstration, the staff could not wait to find out all kinds of smart appliances and “Daitou E” of the price situation in the know like “stay goose “This robot butler put into operation, when the price of only a few thousand dollars, Miss Zhang expressed great interest,” I totally have the ability to buy a robot butler ah. “

Smart Home market needs time to

Although samples were available for each production conditions, but the real promotion of smart home market, it is not easy. “At present, enterprises are willing to do only a single piece of product, who is not willing to invest a lot of money to do the smart home.” “Daitou E” R & D who told reporters that the biggest problem at present is difficult to find companies willing to invest to do this 1, because the maximization of corporate profit, is difficult to assess the market prospects for, no one willing to take the risk. “If there is business investment, also similar to the butler robot costs between two to three thousand dollars, the real face of the consumer market, the sales price of seven or eight thousand dollars can be done.” Bi Jare said they had doing “Daitou E” and other security robot mass production plan, production is expected next year.

Sweeping robot to seize market

At the current high exchange had to enter foreign markets of Shenzhen Silver Star Intelligent Electric Co., developed by the sweeping robots, robot exhibition extravaganza once again, its technical staff in Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology support , the resolution of the sweeping robot localization planning, noise problems, in Europe and Japan, Korea and other developed countries, increasing the amount of market share points. According to Silver Star Intelligent Electric Co., the person in charge, in addition to sweeping robots, they now also with the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology to develop home security robot, also entered the small batch production.

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