Career Opportunities For Robotics Engineer


Career Opportunities For Robotics Engineer
In the developing commercial world dominated by automation process, the job of robotics engineer is cut out at developing flexible automation for the enterprise in which they are employed.

An Overview

Usually to take up the career of Robotics Engineer, one should have a doctoral or at the minimum, the masters degree in the stream of relevant engineering. Average salary earned by robotics engineers could be in the range of $ 50,000-$ 60,000 annually and the job prospects are not only good but increasing day by day.

Job Descriptions

Robotics engineers are basically concerned with the science of robotics that is the science of flexible automation.
Robots are basically manipulators.
These are machines that are devised to replace human beings.
Robots could be static or dynamic.
Some of the robots function manually while others function on remote control.
At times the robots use sensory manipulators.

Job of robotics engineer is to manufacture, maintain, and develop all these gadgets. But the most important task of the engineer is to take care of all these aspects relating to microprocessors and micro chips that are tiny computers controlling the robots.

Responsibilities of Robotics Engineer

Robotics engineers design, test and build robots those are both productive as well as safe for operating. One of the major responsibilities of the engineers is to manufacture such robots that are acceptable to customers and affordable for them. Using the CAD CAM methods they work to manufacture the robots and therefore are called robotics at times. In the process they also create an integrated relationship between man and machinery.

Academic Qualifications and Training

Those aspiring to take up the career of robotics engineer require the following eligibility criteria.
Bachelors degree in engineering;
Degrees in mechanical, electrical, electronic, industrial appliances and manufacturing can work as the base academic qualification for the robotics engineer career.

Training Prospects
Many universities are now offering regular courses in robotics engineering.
Some colleges also offer work study programs with well equipped labs.
Continual upgrading of technical knowledge is essential for the job.
The time span for academic qualifications and training are usually five years.

How to Get a Job

Some of the best ways of getting job of the robotics engineer is to obtain the help of the program officer of the university where the candidate studied. On the other hand one can directly apply to the manufacturers. Since a number of computer firms and other technical organizations are obtaining services of robotics engineer.

That is the reason why robotics engineer career could be highly rewarding.

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