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Japan Seeks Tech Revival With Artificial Intelligence
Today, as the co-founder of Tokyo-based artificial-intelligence company Preferred Networks Inc., Mr. Okanohara is aiming for breakthroughs of his own—with the weight of a nation's beleaguered technology industry on his shoulders. Over the past quarter …
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Artificial intelligence called in to tackle LHC data deluge
The next generation of particle-collider experiments will feature some of the world's most advanced thinking machines, if links now being forged between particle physicists and artificial intelligence (AI) researchers take off. Such machines could make …

This Startup Wants to Bring People Back from the Dead Using Artificial
But Los Angeles-based company Humai wants to take the idea to the next level – they're trying to use artificial intelligence (AI) to bring people back from the dead and keep them alive forever! Many experts, however, smell a rat. The concept of …
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