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GettyImages-170884468 Why Home Automation

Beyond The Studs systems are becoming more popular with systems ranging from simple lighting control to color wireless touch screens interfacing with all aspects of the homes’ Audio, Theater, Lighting, HVAC, Security, etc.

With energy costs on the rise, automating your HVAC system can reduce your monthly bills by as much as 20%. Even controlling your lights can not only save on electricity but also extend the life of light bulbs and fixtures.

Here is a short list of some of the items we have automated for our clients:

• Controlled draperies as the time of daylight changes

• Turning on/off different zones of a sprinkler system

• Modify changes in your heating/cooling requirements for work or vacation

• Turn on lights and audio for entertainment or reading with the touch of one button

• Controlling your hot tub or garage door openers through the use of a car phone

• Interfacing the entire home with access from a laptop Here are a few more examples of what the

system can do:

• Contact the fire and/or police when security system is breached ***

• Turn off lights in a different room or all the lights in the house.

• Randomize lighting to look as if you are home when you are away.

• Light paths to safety when the security system is triggered.

• Design different mood lighting e.g. romance or party.

• Forgot to turn on the air conditioning? Call the system and turn it on so you come home to a cool house.

• The system can simplify your life by closing the garage door automatically at night if left open.

• Every Friday at 3:00pm during the summer season have your sprinkler system turn on for 45 minutes.

• When the phone rings your audio system will mute so you can hear the phone.

• Have verbal reminders to take out the trash on Tuesday night or that it is bed time at 8:00pm for the kids.

• The system incorporates many safety features including: fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, water and gas which can trigger alarms to phones, pager and/or proper authorities. ***

***(with optional monitoring contract).

To know more about Home Automation DE visit www.beyond-the-studs.com

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